Adam Sandow Builds Multimillion-dollar Creative Empire in Boca Raton

To Adam Sandow, innovation is beauty.

Sandow, 46, publishes consumer magazines dedicated to affluence and beauty. But around the magazines he has added related businesses such as clothing to create a multimillion-dollar operation headquartered in Boca Raton.

“He can take an empty box and turn it into magic,” said long-time friend Philip Levine, mayor of Miami Beach.

Sandow simply calls it “creativity.”

“We’ve put innovation and creativity at the heart of what we do,” he said.SS

Sandow’s magazine titles cater mostly to wealthy consumers and women seeking beauty secrets. Luxe Interiors + Design, for example, features homes of wealthy homeowners and top home designers in 13 markets across the country. NewBeauty highlights beauty and anti-aging news.

Both publications are managed out of Boca Raton while other magazines, including Worth and Interior Design, are produced out of Sandow’s New York City office in the Time-Life building.

The idea of NewBeauty led to the launch of other products: BeautyDNA, an online service that sends a customized package of new beauty products for $25 a month, and TestTube, a sampling program that allows customers to try beauty products before investing in them, for $29.95.

In recent years, Sandow bought Material ConneXion, an 18-year-old business that helps companies research materials. The consultancy helped BMW, for example, find a material for the BMW Gina, which is made from polyurethane-coated Lycra stretched over a wire-aluminum frame.

Sandow’s creative management agency, Culture + Commerce, represents designers including Philippe Starck, Paola Navone and Kravitz Design, whose principal is singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz.

In 2012, he bought Fred Segal, a Los Angeles retailer favored by celebrities, and recently opened a Fred Segal store in Tokyo. Miami is a likely location in the future, Sandow said.

Levine, the Miami Beach mayor, has known Sandow since his 20s.

He said Sandow is motivated by “seeing an opportunity and making it a reality.”

Levine turned to Sandow to redesign his mayoral office. Sandow installed giant, inspirational photo reproductions including President John F. Kennedy delivering his “Ask Not …” inaugural address and Martin Luther King giving his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

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