A revolutionary new beauty product matching service.

BeautyDNA is a groundbreaking online beauty product matching service with an unparalleled level of personalization. Through patented technology, this unique tool is like a dating site for beauty, scanning thousands of items in its database to deliver members at least one full-size, name brand product for the skin, hair or body each month that perfectly matches their beauty profile.


Minutes it takes to fill out personal beauty profile


Data points analyzed to find a member’s ideal beauty match


Monthly membership fee

The World's Smartest Beauty Recommendation Engine

How It Works

  • Consumer fills out online questionnaire about her beauty preferences.
  • BeautyDNA scans thousands of products in its database to find the perfect match.
  • Member receives at least one full-size beauty product that specifically meets her needs.
  • Each product arrives with a customized BeautyReport detailing how its characteristics match the user’s profile, use instructions and where-to-buy information.
  • BeautyDNA member falls in love with her monthly product match!

What the Press is Saying...


“I am focused on making the complex world of material searches as simplified as possible.”
FARSHID TAFAZZOLI, Chief Technology Officer


Drawing upon my experience developing mathematical algorithms for the stock market, I am now focused on simplifying the endlessly complicated landscape of material searches.



I’ve made a career of focusing on the crossroads between math and technology. Landing a job on Wall Street by 21, I went on to start one of the country’s first electronic brokerage firms, taking it public on NASDAQ.