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The first, and only of its kind, Material Bank is the world’s largest material marketplace for architectural, design and construction materials. Members can search across hundreds of brands on a single site, order samples until midnight (ET), and receive everything in one box by 10:30 am the next day, anywhere in the US —always free and always shipped 100% carbon neutral.

With the industry’s single most comprehensive material database, powered by a proprietary robotic distribution facility, Material Bank at its core is a technology and logistics company that provides scalable digital commerce by seamlessly connecting global material brands, specifiers and buyers.


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Ultra-fast, ultra-efficient logistics.

Material Bank’s 380,000 sq. ft. robotic logistics hub in Olive Branch, Mississippi is built for the sole purpose of ultra-high efficiency and overnight sample logistics for hundreds of material manufacturers. Every night, Material Bank processes tens of thousands of material samples until 2:00 AM for delivery anywhere in the US by 10:30 AM the next morning.

Aggregation means ultra-sustainable.

By aggregating samples from multiple brands into a single, 100% carbon neutral delivery, Material Bank has dramatically improved the sustainability of sampling in the A&D industry. In the last two years, Material Bank has eliminated more than one million packages from being needlessly shipped.

Material Desk®, a revolutionary design and collaboration tool.

Material Bank’s interactive design tool, Material Desk, is the first system to seamlessly link digital moodboards with the fastest and most efficient delivery of physical samples. The innovative technology allows members to design virtual palettes, collaborate with team members, present live to clients and sample materials overnight.


"Material Bank is rapidly transforming the A+D industry. Our dramatic growth is a result of the changing demands of design professionals and our ability to efficiently serve them."
ADAM SANDOW, Founder & Chief Executive Officer


As the Chairman of SANDOW Companies and the active CEO of Material Bank, I spend most of my time focusing on continuing to scale Material Bank and bringing innovative technologies, logistics and solutions to the design industry.



Before starting SANDOW in 2003, I was a principal in Internet start-up and wedding media company The Knot (now XO Group), where I contributed to its explosive growth and ultimate IPO in 2000. Previously, at the age of 25, I created and launched Honeymoon, a best-selling consumer travel magazine.

"We aim to be the single most important resource for designers when searching and sampling materials, and the largest connector of specifiers to manufacturers."
PETER FAIN, Chief Operating Officer


I oversee the company’s day-to-day operations and implement strategies to increase efficiency across all of our business units. At the same time, I am constantly looking for ways to leverage the talent of our teams and find growth opportunities.



Previously, I was President of Litigation Technology at TrialGraphix, a trial consulting service company. I helped build the business into a leading national litigation support provider with over 300 employees in eight full-service production facilities across the country. Following TrialGraphix, I ran The Uptick Group, a boutique business advisory firm that I co-founded to help organizations manage through various progressions and stages of growth.