The leading materials-driven design authority.

Material ConneXion is the world’s leading materials resource. Materials scientists advise designers from an array of industries – fashion, architecture, automotive, beauty, and more. From the acclaimed Material Library featuring 10,000+ material innovations to customized Material Advisory services, Material ConneXion is certain every idea has a material solution.




Material innovations


Global libraries


With a flagship location in the heart of Manhattan, Material ConneXion also has 9 libraries around the globe, including:

  • Asia: Bangkok, Daegu, Tokyo
  • Europe: Bilbao, Milan, Skövde, Copenhagen
  • United States: New York, High Point, San Francisco

Materials Consultancy

Our advisory services are designed to compliment your current team and workflow. As your partners, we focus on your goals and objectives to provide customized material support.  Whether you’re looking for a wide range of material possibilities, or a specific, singular material which meets exacting performance criteria, Material ConneXion provides brands with the material-specific knowledge and experienced needed to accelerate timelines, reduce research timelines and expenses, and design future-ready products.

Library Access

Material ConneXion curates the world’s largest subscription-based materials library featuring 10,000+ innovative materials and processes across all disciplines of design – an indispensable asset to a wide audience of users. Materials are selected through a strict review process with new materials juried into Material Library each month.


“I like being grounded in the physical world.”
ANDREW DENT, Executive Vice President, Research


I oversee the materials research that the library takes, the curation of the materials libraries around the world and the research that we do for all of our consulting clients. I know what everything around us is made of. I look at my surroundings differently than you do. I look at the thing that’s underneath the surface of a product, what it’s made of, as opposed to what it looks like. What gives me energy is the creativity of designers and artists. I’m a scientist, and I can draw the energy of what I do from them. I supply them with the tools so that they can go off and create.



Before joining Material ConneXion in 2001, I worked in both academia and industry—at Cambridge University, Rolls Royce, the U.S. Navy, NASA and the British Ministry of Defense, among others.

Jennifer Gumpert
"Every day here is a new exploration."
Jennifer Gumpert, VP of Business Development & Operations


I am responsible for the sales, marketing and production departments which means I have a deep connection to the work we do for our clients – from that first meeting, through research execution and beyond.  What I love most is the incredibly long-lasting relationships we build with the clients we work with; the fact that clients come to us again and again is a testament to the way we listen and respond to the work and needs of our clients.  Our entire team is comprised of “left brain/right brain” thinkers – assessing “how”, “why” and “to what end” to deeply understand the goals of the clients we serve, and to make the science and physicality of materials approachable, digestible and actionable for even the most  for even the most design-centric teams out there!



In my “past lives” I have served in project leadership roles for most of my career across a wide range of industries, including 6 years in corporate event planning and design.  If you ever want to play “name that flower” with me at the grocery store, let me know.