A leading-edge digital printing center.

Housed in SANDOW’s South Florida corporate headquarters, PixelLab is the company’s sophisticated in-house printing facility, producing a wide assortment of printed materials, from small booklets and stationery to large-scale posters and wallpaper.


Average monthly jobs


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From Business Cards to Banners

PixelLab serves a wide range of marketing and creative needs for the company’s vast portfolio, as well as external clients. Its printing specialists help produce and execute a number of printed materials, including booklets; invitations; envelopes; notecards; wall graphics/wallpaper; pull-up banners; cut vinyl lettering; bookmarks; business cards and more.



A Look Inside

“The best part about working here is the variety in standard and specialty jobs,” says Bart Blackwell, Director of PixelLab. “You might print posters in the morning, wallpaper at noon or booklets in the afternoon.” Blackwell schedules which projects run on what machinery and when, so the print center team can meet—and beat—deadlines. “Even if a job needs to be outsourced due to quantity or timing, we’re here to help employees,” he says.