Fred Segal Announces Sunset Flagship Shop-in-Shops

LOS ANGELES, August 3, 2017 – The new Fred Segal Sunset is pleased to announce the ten shop-in-shops that will be located within the flagship store opening this fall.

The shop-in-shops are permanent dedicated brand spaces showcasing unique finds, limited edition items and classic pieces from celebrated brands including, Levi’s, Double RL, Libertine ready-to-wear, LTH JKT leather jackets, Atelier & Repairs upcycled apparel, Bamford Watch Department timepieces, Esquivel footwear & leather goods, Seeker apparel, Suzanne Rae shoes and Unfortunate Portrait tee-shirts. Each shop will have a dedicated space, ranging from 50 – 600 sq-ft, and showcase a unique buildout in line with their specific brand. Shoppers should expect to find custom vintage pieces from Levi’s, exclusive leather shoes from Esquivel, limited edition items from Double RL/Polo and more. All shops will be open at launch.

“Each shop-in-shop was selected to embody something that is truly ‘Fred Segal,’” said Allison Samek, Chief Executive Officer of Fred Segal. “We have an iconic brand like Levi’s, one of our first brand partners since the inception of Fred Segal, sitting alongside the newest, innovative brands like LTH JKT.

“We always provide a platform for new brands to be born at Fred Segal. And we also envision shops that allow the most established brands to do their best work,” said John Frierson, President of Fred Segal.

The shop-in-shops will be located amongst the multi-brand shops, rotating pop-up’s, dining and event spaces announced last month. The permanent, multi-brand shops include; The Highline (multi-brand Men’s shop), The Collective (multi-brand Women’s shop), CAP Beauty, the first west coast CFDA retail space, EGGY, Flower Girl LA, Framed EWE, Replika Vintage and The Pancake Epidemic. A slate of pop-up designers, performances and event will be announced this Fall.

From its establishment in 1961, Fred Segal has been the go-to Los Angeles shopping destination, bringing Southern California luxury to life. The store is a beloved destination and admired name internationally, with a reputation for carrying an impressive fashion mix from around the globe, presented in a way that is synonymous with L.A. The brand is the birthplace of L.A. denim and store number 1 for new brands, inspiring artists, performers and designers alike. The new Sunset store is a destination — a style and design laboratory, featuring exclusive collaborations, partnerships, food & beverage and a venue for LA events large and small.