Interior Design Magazine Introduces New “Best of Year” Categories for 2016

NEW YORK, August 22, 2016 — Interior Design (, the global, industry-leading print publication, digital platform and events company influencing design worldwide, today announced 15 new categories in its much-anticipated 11th annual Best of Year Awards (#IDboyawards).

The Best of Year categories are a carefully curated list built from the core sectors, industry favorites and what’s happening right now in design. The growth in categories each year reflects the evolution and expansion of the design industry.

The esteemed event, which will be held at the IAC Building in New York, honors the year’s top design products and projects across industries. Interior Design Editor-in-Chief Cindy Allen and an editorial panel will select project design honorees, while interior designers and architects select product design winners and honorees via online vote. The winners and honorees will be announced live by hosts Allen and Interior Design Publisher Carol Cisco during the awards ceremony on Thursday, December 1, 2016.

“I am proud that Best of Year has become the ultimate measure of what’s happening in design each year, while setting the bar even higher for the future. The product and project designers produce amazing work for others and we want to honor them in return. Their work truly deserves the award,” said Allen.

The Awards have experienced a great deal of growth throughout the years, and now boast 63 Product categories (including 8 new additions), and 48 Project categories (including 7 new additions). The newest categories in the ever-growing spectrum are as follows:

  • Products:
    • Material ConneXion: Synthetics – Any products from synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc.
    • Material ConneXion: Carbon-based – Products that use carbon fiber, graphite, diamond, carbon nanotubes.
    • Material ConneXion: Naturals – Harvested or grown materials that include wool, leathers/skins, woods, natural fibers, biopolymers, stone.
    • Material ConneXion: Cement or concrete-based – Precast, inlays, flooring, tile, any products that use cement as a main component.
    • Material ConneXion: Glass – Glazing innovations, laminated glass, tile, mosaics, fiberglass and fiber optics.
    • Material ConneXion: Metals – Steels, brasses, copper, aluminums, performance-based titaniums, and precious metals.
    • Material ConneXion: Ceramics – Ceramic tile, ceramic coatings, bricks, terracotta and porcelain
    • Material ConneXion: Processes – Any product where the exciting part is the ‘story’ or process of how it was manufactured, e.g. printing, foaming, laminating molding, etc.
  • Projects:
    • Art Installation
    • Branding & Graphic Design
    • Museum / Art Gallery
    • Restoration / Renovation
    • Transportation
    • On the Boards: Commercial
    • On the Boards: Residential

The eight new additions in the Products category come as a result of an ongoing partnership between Interior Design and sister company Material ConneXion, the world’s largest library of unique, innovative and sustainable materials. Dr. Andrew H. Dent, Vice President of Library and Materials Research at Material ConneXion, and Interior Design Editor-in-Chief, Cindy Allen devised the categories. A full list of all categories can be found on the Best of Year Awards website.

To enter the Best of Year Awards, or for more information on how to attend the event, visit


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