Q&A: Adam Sandow, CEO, SANDOW

AdamSandow-2014_Gary JamesCAPITAL: When you started Sandow, you envisioned it as a publishing business. Now only half of the company’s assets are in the media space. Your professional background is in media, so why did you decide to diversify and acquire brands like the clothing retailer Fred Segal?

SANDOW: I’ve always been a huge fan of magazines and continue to be. But, at Sandow, we’re about using our foundation of media to build a much larger and more diversified company. Our goal as a media company is not just to migrate print readers to online but to “layer on” businesses that will allow us to continue to grow and come up with new ideas and strategies. I believe, for example, that digital tools and services are a way to build value and grow a business.

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