SANDOW Opens the Material Connexion Library

The new Material Connexion library, unveiled at the SANDOW Global HQ in Manhattan last week, is a designer’s dream: over 7,000 materials and processes, including some of the most innovative in design today, neatly displayed on rows of interactive paneling available to individuals, corporations, and universities by membership.

The display, alive with spoons, iPhone cases, shampoo bottles, and other trinkets made of out of the unusual materials on show, could easily be mistaken for a modern art exhibit. You won’t find standard cement or wood samples at the library, but you will find a thermochromatic leather that fades from green to brown with the temperature (a sort of update of on the ’90s mood ring); a polyester fiber that integrates 2% waste coffee grounds as an additive to combat odor; and, our favorite, a material made of 100% weaved peacock feathers, which is manufactured at a rate of 12 inches a day.

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