Site Spotlight: BeautyDNA

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed perusing the massive beauty offerings at your local drugstore or Sephora, consider the fact that roughly 10,000 new products hit the market every year. Sifting through the staggering amount of options available to find the ones that are right for you can be not only frustrating but also time consuming—and downright expensive. It’s why we thank our lucky stars that such a thing as BeautyDNA exists.

The brand-new beauty product matching service ($25 per month) uses an algorithm to scan its deep database for skin, hair and body products that exactly meet your predetermined preferences. Create a profile, then answer a highly detailed online questionnaire (seriously, you’ll want to block out ten minutes for this) that addresses three main areas: the types of products you do and don’t want to try; the various concerns you want to address, rated on a sliding scale or none to severe; and the attributes you want (or don’t) in your products, right down to ingredients, texture and scent.

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