The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) Honors Cindy Allen

NEW YORK, February 8, 2016 — The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) is honoring Cindy Allen, Interior Design‘s editor in chief, for her steadfast support and champion of women.The BWAF seeks to change the culture of the building industry so that women’s work is acknowledged, respected, and valued. It achieves its mission by documenting women’s work in the built environment, educating the public, and transforming industry practice.

Like the BWAF, Cindy deepens our understanding of the rich contribution made by women in the design industry. She regularly showcases and honors the works of women architects and interior designers, exalting the field’s leaders and raising the profile of its rising stars. Showing commitment to both the power of design and women’s issues, Cindy has become a trusted voice in the industry, mentoring female talent in design, publishing, and beyond.

Fellow 2016 honorees include Lori Brown and Nina Freedman of Architexx, a women in architecture group in NYC; Julia Donoho, principal at Legal Constructs and a member of the AIA National Board of Directors; Gwendolyn Wright, Columbia University, first woman to receive tenure at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation; Richard Anderson, president of the New York Building Congress; and William J. Gilbane Jr. and William J. Gilbane III of Gilbane Building Company, a construction management services firm.

The BWAF Leadership Awards Gala takes place on February 25th at the Prince George’s Ballroom in Manhattan. Please join us in celebrating this honor with Cindy.

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