Researching the world of design.

ThinkLab is the intelligence division of SANDOW. Our global reach expands to millions of A&D professionals who directly and indirectly affect the specification of $263 billion in various product categories annually, including furniture, lighting, kitchen and bath fixtures, and paint. That means we have access to thousands of specifiers who offer hundreds of insights that translate into one big dose of perspective.


Annual industry interviews

40 years

Access to Interior Design Giants of Design data


Research studies and reports


Get research that’s ready-made. Brush up on industry news, attend relevant digital seminars, buy the latest reports, and arm yourself with instant information. ThinkLab’s downloadable content includes:

  • Research Reports
  • Digital Seminars

Event + Sponsorship Opportunities

ThinkLab’s exclusive events offer their clients unique sponsorship opportunities that give them a seat at the table with like-minded leaders from across the industry. Sponsors gain leading-edge insights as ThinkLab hosts facilitated conversations with A&D experts and industry, as well as non-industry thought leaders across the U.S. Not only do they capitalize on influencing topics of conversation, they also hear the discussions first hand and receive early access to post-event summaries.

  • Hackathons
  • Product Reviews
  • Podcast
  • Roundtables

Custom Services

ThinkLab works with clients to provide insights, specifically tailored for their needs, about industry trends, product categories, product development feedback, distribution channel exploration, merger & acquisition brand discovery, market analysis, or brand awareness & competitive benchmarking. Here are some of the vehicles we use to bring that research to life in actionable ways:

  • CEU Development & Training
  • Workshops & Speaking Engagements
  • Competitive Studies
  • Surveys
  • Interviews & Focus Groups
  • M&A Research


Amanda Schneider
“One of our passions at ThinkLab is looking at the less sexy underbelly of design—the business side of design. We dive into everything from economics to business to innovation, and explore not just the objects being designed, but the process of design itself.”
Amanda Schneider, President

Now: I joined SANDOW as President and founder of ThinkLab in 2018. I’m a strategic thinker with a strong background including industrial design, market research, product management, sales, and strategic launch practices with a breadth of companies within the interiors industry. Today, ThinkLab is proud to harness the power of the SANDOW family of brands and rich history from its days as CCG to gather meaningful insights for the industry and share those broadly through research, editorial, and national speaking engagements.

Then: Before founding ThinkLab, I spent 7 years as a researcher, blogger for the Huffington Post, and founder of Contract Consulting Group (CCG).

Olga Odeide
"We replace assumptions with facts to ensure your business investments are hard at work."
Olga Odeide , Business Strategy + Industry Partnerships

NOW: I’ve been with ThinkLab since 2018 as Director of Business Strategy and Industry Partnerships. As a strategist who thrives at building successful long-term partnerships with clients, I get fired up when people present me with their business challenge or want to find new ways to engage and connect with their target audiences.


THEN: Tech nerd (electrical engineer) turned design nerd (second careerist interior designer), I led Membership Operations + Industry Partnerships at ASID HQ.