Case Study

Puma + Yves Béhar

Puma partners with Material ConneXion and Culture + Commerce client Yves Béhar to create a next-generation alternative to the shoebox.

When Puma execs wanted to nix the traditional shoebox while simultaneously improving sustainability and decreasing costs, they sought the help of Material ConneXion, the world’s largest library of innovative and sustainable materials. In turn, Material ConneXion invited creative talent management agency, Culture + Commerce, and its client Yves Béhar of Fuseproject, to join forces. The result was a game-changer.

The team worked to rethink the design of the iconic red Puma shoebox, and provided an analysis of materials usage, fabrication methods and sustainable processes all the way through to materials sourcing and manufacturing.

The Clever Little Bag replaces the cardboard shoebox with a bag that allows Puma to reduce cardboard, energy, water and diesel consumption by more than 60% each year. The packaging is now used to ship 85 million pairs of shoes globally. By moving forward with this solution, the company saves an estimated $3 million per year on cardboard costs alone.