SANDOW is more than a media company, building on our existing magazine brands to create new, innovative products, services and experiences. This untraditional approach allows us to grow, diversify and demonstrate strength across a range of business areas—from membership programs and consulting to licensing and trend forecasting.

We build innovative brands in non-traditional ways.

From our reinvention of the magazine model, to the way we’ve moved into everything from licensing and membership programs, to trend forecasting and big data, SANDOW has never operated like other media companies. While we continue to invest in our print publications, we believe that layering new businesses on top of those assets has been key to our success.

We place our magazines in the right hands.

Instead of relying solely on a traditional distribution model, we employ innovative tactics—from our own newsstand network MediaJet, which gives highly-coveted consumers access to our magazines at over 200 private airports throughout the country, to magazines like Luxe Interiors + Design and NewBeauty that are delivered directly to the nation’s most affluent readers.